Women's Tours in Turkey


Undoubtedly, Turkey is the world’s wealthiest country in terms of its archaeological riches. It is the only country that spans two continents, Asia and Europe, and is surrounded by seas on three sides. The 9,000-year-old Mother Goddess Statuette found in the ruins of Çatalhöyük is the proof of the importance and value given to women in Anatolia in ancient times.

Traveling to Turkey in an all-female group will offer you more opportunities than travelling with a mixed group where you can form intimate friendships with Turkish women. You can enjoy the Turkish tea tradition, as it will be served widely during your days in Turkey; you may even turn into a candid tea drinker.

During your belly dancing classes, accompanied by a belly dancing instructor, who will teach you the Egyptian belly dance and traditional folk dances that have become popular in Turkey, you will have a fun time trying to learn how to move your hips properly with the hip scarves with coins tied around your waist. At the end of the class, you’ll see how good you really are at oriental dances and at following the rhythm of the music.

**You can even get an opportunity to learn the art of reading coffee grounds, a.k.a. coffee fortune-telling, which is generally performed by women. You may become very popular among your friends with your new skills on your return.

**Women like to eat delicious and quality food during their travels. Turkey is undoubtedly the best in the world in terms of gastronomy. Each region has its own local cuisine and flavors. Aegean Cuisine with olive oil and vegetables and fish dishes, regional dishes and Kebab varieties in Anatolia, delicious desserts, especially baklava, are among the indispensable tastes of the Turkish cuisine. Vegetarians and vegans will also be delighted with the creative dishes they will be offered on our tours.

During your visit to Turkey, all your dreams about this trip will come true and you’ll be immersed in an ancient culture with thousands of years old historical cities built by various civilizations. You will enjoy the magnificent landscapes, delicious Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine with hospitable, friendly people in the marble streets of the ancient cities. Without women, nothing could have been achieved and the role of women in the rise and fall of these cities is as influential as any men. Women give their children and men love, respect and protection, and teach them discipline, joy and happiness, as they always give due to their selfless nature.

In its Women's Tours in Turkey, Alsero Travel gives priority to sharing trust, love, respect and joy, giving cultural education,  getting to know and forming friendships with the local women and supporting them.

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