Trekking & Hiking in Turkey

Lycian Way Hiking guided tour

Trekking & Hiking in Turkey

Turkey Trekking and Hiking Tours  

Turkey is a hiker’s paradise with the most beautiful long-distance footpaths in the world. Turkey hiking trails offer rich options for every walking style. Lycians who lived on the coast of South West Anatolia accomplished built cities up to a height of 2000 meters above the sea. The ancient stone-sealed footpaths which are connecting the major antic cities of several civilizations from different ages as Psidians, Carians, Romans, and more can only be met in Turkey.


Hiking in Cappadocia

Not Another spectacular Cappadocia trekking trail exists through the Magical Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia in the World. All were formed as a consequence of rain and wind erosion that shaped the volcano lava fantastically for tens of millions of years and may mislead you to feel on a different planet. There are many Cappadocia hiking valleys in Cappadocia as well as Ihlara, Zelva, Soganli, Zemi, Pigeon, and Red Valleys spread almost all territories of Cappadocia even including lots of underground cities and saved the life of remarkable number of Early Christians. During the Cappadocia trekking you see and, the glamorous Churches carved into the rocks will make you perceive the skills and perseverance of humankind even at dangerous times.


Lycian Way hiking tour

 Villagers living alongside the thousand years old city ruins, rock tombs, and ancient theaters will be pleased to host you to serve delicious tastes of local cuisine and refresh well while walking between the pine and juniper forests clad mountains at Lycian Way with magnificent views of ancient remains confirmed as the oldest one in Turkey possibly leave an unbreakable lifetime memory and prove your choice to attend this trip. 
Rest in the shadow of the mysterious rock tombs of the civilizations that lived in the Mediterranean along the Lycian Way walking tour trail, and enjoy sitting in the theater seats of the ancient world.

A coastal walk along the stunning and untouched coastline that follows ancient routes stretching from coastal settlements to the Roman Metropolis will be another noticeable schedule of your hiking Lycian way journey. You have the opportunity to meet the hospitable local people with their traditions and customs, discover the exceptional flora and fauna, and shoot the region's charming views. The trails of our Lycian hiking route are well-tested and marked. At the end of your walk with our Lycian Way hiking guide, you are inevitable to enjoy the comfort of knowing that your bags are already at your reserved hotel. You just need a backpack to carry your daily necessities.

Turkey hiking trail’s advantages

The Hiking Journey in Turkey theme may involve cultural, historical, natural, skeptical, or entire concepts, but you are the single authority who will evaluate all of your experiences. Be sure, we will try to do our best as much as we are capable to handle unique memories. The content will be implemented due to the current time, season, required theme, particular interests, and special needs of the travelers. 
Trekking in Cappadocia, Lycian Way trekking, and St. Paul hiking trips are Turkey's most famous routes but we also have nice walking programs in less known regions of the country such as the Lycian region hikes, Aegean region hikes, Black Sea region hikes, and Turkish Lakes Region. 
      Please do not beware to share your personalized custom Turkey trekking requests with us to participate as a good many, relying on our pure experience since 1996.

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