Religious Faith Tours Turkey

Biblical Turkey Tours Embark on a divine discovery in the footsteps of St. Paul!

Religious Tour Turkey


Religious Tour Turkey


Religious tours in Turkey are classified as Christian Heritage Tours for the Christian community and Islamic tours for the Muslim community.
Turkey, which has a rich cultural and historical heritage, has been the center of Christianity and Islam spreading throughout the world. It is an important country that hosts places of worship and sacred values ​​such as mosques, churches, and synagogues of Christians, Jews, and Muslims, develops and protects them, and provides opportunities for people to worship.
Muslim Tours and Christian Heritage Tour

Many mosques and cultural assets were built during the Seljuk and Ottoman empires. In addition to magnificent works such as Süleymaniye Mosque, Edirne Selimiye Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Topkapı Palace, where the sacred belongings of the Prophet Muhammad are exhibited, Mevlana Museum in Konya, the holy area where the cave where the Prophet Abraham was born in Sanliurfa is located, Diyarbakir. Many Islamic works, such as the Grand Mosque and Bursa Ulu Mosque, are visited by visitors from many countries.

Christian Heritage Tour Turkey

Alsero Travel providing Christian Heritage Tour experience since 1996 with well-educated guides. Embark on a sacred journey with Christian Heritage Tour Turkey programs for pilgrim travelers dedicated to the holy pilgrimage. You Combine the Old and New Testaments uniquely in the holy journey.

Follow the footsteps of St. Paul; on this route, you will embrace The Seven Church of Revelation. Listen to the Bible and cleanse your soul. Hatay St. Pierre Church, Tarsus, Konya Antioch, Myra, Smyrna, Laodicea, Coloosae, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Sardes, Philadelphia, The House of Virgin Mary, St. John Tomb in Selcuk, Thyatira, Philadelphia, Pergamon, Alexandra Troas, Assos, Iznik, St. Sophia, Chora Church.


Pilgrimage Tour Turkey

A Biblical Tour is the person's state of mind before embarking on the holy journey, and a Pilgrimage tour is a transition period essential to define his/her later life. Our religious tour programs are prepared for small groups, individuals, families, and couples. For the Seven Churches of Revelation Tour, 4-day is enough. It starts in Izmir and ends in Izmir.  Besides combining it with Istanbul and other regions, it can be a 7-day / 8-day Religious Turkey tour program.

St. Paul's Footsteps Religious Tour duration is 16 -18 days. Each pilgrimage program offers unique experiences—Discover Turkey's natural beauties, modern cities, delicious local foods, and ancient cities.
Being close to God provides strength, peace, confidence, and beauty of heart.

When you visit important Biblical places in Turkey during the Biblical Turkey tour, you can better understand how valuable and essential Turkey is for Christian Pilgrims.


Islamic Tour Turkey


Islamic tourism in Turkey refers to a type of tourism that meets the needs and preferences of Muslim visitors by considering their religious and cultural needs. Turkey has become one of the popular destinations for Islamic tourism with its rich historical and cultural heritage. There are many mosques historical and cultural monuments with Islamic values for Muslim travelers. Iconic Mosques, Palaces, and historical landmarks in Istanbul, Bursa, Konya, Urfa, and other cities are attraction points for Islamic tours.


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