Tour Code : EN-021

Private Ephesus Tour - 1 day

Private Ephesus Tour

Duration     : 4 -  6 Hours
Tour Day     :  All Year


You will be met in Kusadasi Port or at your hotel concerning your accommodation details. The tour is starting with our air-conditioned, non-smoking comfortable vehicle will drive you primarily to Virgin Mary House, which is accepted as one of the pilgrimage centers of almost all Christians and approximately 5 km. away from Ephesus.  As per legendary about Virgin Mary has stated that She and St. John was together on their travel to Ephesus then chose here to spend the last years of her life mainly in this house. Pope Vl. Paul blessed and admitted as this house of Mary’s own during his visit in 1967.

Later on, arriving at the upper gate of Ephesus one of the best-preserved Greco-Roman ancient cities of the Ionian Region with a population of 250.000 in its top times, we are starting to tread all cities from up to down gate around 4 km. long. The major heritages going to be seen in this trip are:

Ephesus Theater             : It is the second-largest (1st is Colosseum in Italy) and one of the best acoustic amphitheaters in the world with a capacity of 24,000 people. Saint Paul and several priests preached here after the approval of Christianity by the Roman Empire.

Celsus Library                  : It is the 3rd largest library of ancient times, dedicated to famous Roman consul Celsus. Unexpected experience to catch the soul of that era still surviving after 2500 years with its magnificent architecture, reliefs, and sculptures.

Sure, you will observe lots of remains dated to different periods of Roman Empire such as Domitian Temple, Odeon, Medical School, Scholastica Bath (2nd biggest Roman Bath in Turkey), Love House, Various Monumental Fountains (dedicated to great emperors), Latrines (public toilet), Commercial Agora, Curetes Street, Arcadian Street (Ephesus harbor), Terrace Houses (extra charge).

Prices Include
-  Entrance Fees, as in per itinerary.
-  Proficient Professional Tour Guide.
-  Air-conditioned & non-smoking vehicle with experienced driver.
-  All parking,  VAT -  Tax

Prices Exclude
- Personal expenses.
- Beverages and Lunch
- Optional additional tours


People Per person in
Single Room Extra Bed Children Fee
People Per person in
Single Room Extra Bed Children Fee
Price includes

Entrance Fees, as in per itinerary.

Proficient Professional Tour Guide.

Air conditioned & non-smoking vehicle with experienced driver.

All parking,  VAT -  Tax

Price Excludes

Personal expences.

Beverages and Lunches

Optional additional tours

Temple of Artemis
House of Virgin Mary 
Isabey Mosque
Basilica of St. John
Seven Sleepers
Magnesia Gate
Terrace House
Vedius Gymnasium
East Gymnasium
Bath of Varius Ephesus
State Agora
Temple of Isıs
Odeon Concert Hall
Domitian Square
Temple of Domitian
Fountain of Pollio
Memmius Monument
Hercules Gate
Curetes Street
Fountain of Trajan
Scholastica Basilica
Temple of Hadrian
Roman Latrines
Hadrian’s Gate
Celsus Library
Gate of Mazeus
Temple of Serapis
Commercial Agora
Marble Road
Ephesus Theater
Theatre Gymnasium
Arcadian Street
Harbour Baths
Harbour Gymnasium
The Double Church
Ephesus Stadium

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Tour Code
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Private Ephesus Tour - 1 day
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Kuşadasi - Turkey
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Private Ephesus Tour from Kusadasi Port 

Kusadasi Port is one of the most important stopovers for cruise ships on their Mediterranean course. Join the Shore excursions in Kusadasi, Turkey, directly from Kusadasi Port or Izmir Port with a private transfer and a professional tour guide. Shore excursions from Kusadasi port to Ephesus are 25 km. Izmir port to Ephesus distance is 80 Km.  Public transportation is not advised since time is relatively short for a satisfactory excursion preferred by cruise guests.

Alsero Travel has provided private Ephesus tours from Kuşadasi port with professional guides since 1996.

The Church of Smyrna, one of the seven Churches of Revelation, is in Ephesus.  Primarily, Ephesus, one of the best-preserved ancient cities of Rome, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Moreover, the Temple of Artemis has been confirmed as one of Ephesus's Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The House of the Virgin Mary is just 5km near ancient Ephesus.

Private Ephesus Tour


  • Tour Code : EN-021
  • Duration : 1 Day
  • Start : Kuşadasi - Turkey
  • End : Kuşadasıi - Turkey
  • Tour Season : All year
  • Transfer : Vehicle
  • Distance : 70 Km
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