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Meeting Organization in Turkey


Meeting Organizations Turkey 

We organize and supervise the desired domestic or international meeting organizations to achieve your company's goals. Company and participant satisfaction is a priority, solution-oriented cooperation, 28 years of international professional relations that follow and apply the latest technology and trends, and with our experienced staff, we are at your side for all kinds of meeting organizations in domestic and international organizations of companies.
In meetings with organizations, we take appropriate actions to reflect the corporate structure and production power of companies to maximize efficiency. During our conversation with you, we will talk about the type of event you are planning, its purpose, goal, and outcome. We will create a custom study for your business that includes information about attendees, location, agenda, presentation, promotions, gift wraps, and needs.

Summary of Meeting & Event Services

- Project Planning
- Exhibitor support service 24/7
- Financial management policy
- Risk management
- Management of sponsorships
- Determination and management of the Meeting Space
- Logistics management
- Transfer and transportation management
- Registration and Accommodation of Members
- Social and Cultural organization
- Local Media management
- Meeting analysis report before and after the meeting
- Local and international references

Get and enjoy these services through Alsero Tours in Turkey.



Target of Company Meetings and event 

- Company personnel periodic training meetings, teamwork, knowledge transfer, and training.

- Launch meetings for the promotion of companies' products, and promotion of new products.

- Dealer meetings of companies, updating business relations, and restoring trust.

- Corporate and private Opening organizations for promotional purposes, increasing brand awareness.


Meeting organization management planning 

Meeting organization and management planning is the main element of a perfect organization, meeting or event planning together with theAlsero Tours expert team and the representatives of the Institution or company are evaluated under the following main headings.


1- Meeting Area and Venue Selection 

In the selection of the meeting area, the company's request and the purpose of the meeting are acted upon.
In selecting the meeting place, the ease of transportation of the participants is considered.
Having accommodation and meeting room in the same hotel is advantageous regarding operation and cost.


2- Meeting Area Management 

Determination of the most suitable region for the meeting.

We are organizing a meeting room suitable for the number of participants and qualified for the meeting session layout.

Supply meeting room equipment, and multimedia tools such as podium, microphone, light, stage, and projector.

Collaboration with internationally known meeting areas in the country and abroad.

Recruitment of adequate staff to guide and assist participants in their registration.


3- Meeting Accommodation Service 

Accommodation in hotels suitable for the Company's prestige for the participants

The choice of hotels with meeting rooms and the advantage of staying in the same hotel.

Hotel selection and transportation close to the meeting areas

Selection of suitable business hotels for meetings abroad.

Accommodation hotels are suitable for airport transfer services.


4- Meeting Transportation Service 

Making a customized transportation operation for meeting groups

Transportation services connected to domestic and international meeting areas

Transfer service between the company or accommodation and the meeting area

VIP transfer service for senior participants and executives

Compliance of transfer vehicles with legal criteria and professional drivers


5- Meeting Catering Service 

Coffee break Cookies service at a certain time during the meeting.

Lunch and dinner for groups, cocktail party service

Creation of special kiosks for meeting participants without accommodation

Prestigious menus and dishes with local delicacies for foreign participants.

Preparation of special menus and drinks for vegan and similar participants.

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Corporate Meeting in Turkey  

Turkey has easy access to international flights, hotels with world-class meeting and congress halls, and affordable meeting package prices from experienced organization companies. Global companies and organizations prefer Turkey for conferences, symposiums, and corporate meetings. Turkey meeting organizations such as meetings, conferences, seminars, congresses, trainings, summits, and weekly and monthly symposiums increase the brand value of your company and take you one step ahead of your competitors.
Alsero Tours is one of the Professional conference organizers in Turkey. We are as close as a phone call.

Turkiye meeting organization

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