Tour Code : EN-103

Journey North to South East - 10 Days/9 Nights

Your guide will meet you on arrival and you’ll be transferred to your hotel. Free time after check-in. You may discover the city and the vicinity of your hotel at your own will.
Overnight stay in Trabzon. (Dinner)

After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we will start our Trabzon city tour. First, we will visit the Hagia Sophia Church, which is a beautiful example of Byzantine architecture. Next, we will visit the famous Sumela Monastery, which has recently been renovated. Sumela is a Greek Orthodox monastery and church complex built on a steep slope 300 meters above a valley, among steep mountains and deep streams. The construction of the monastery was first started in the 13th century and over time new sections were added. It was used as a monastery until 1923.

Afterward, we will take a lunch break and drive to Erzurum (approx. 4 hours). Here, we’ll be visiting the Nene Hatun Bastion, Double Minaret Madrasa, Ulu Mosque, Üç Kümbetler (Three Tombs), Yakutiye Madrasa, Erzurum Congress and Milli Mücadele Müzesi (National Struggle Museum).
Dinner and accommodation at Erzurum. ( Breakfast – Dinner )

After breakfast, we’ll depart early for Kars. On arrival, we will have lunch at a local restaurant in Kars and visit Ani Ruins which is 50 km away.
Ani had its heyday between 953 and 1020 when it served as the capital of the Armenian Kingdom. The city of Ani was captured by the Byzantines in 1045 ending the Kingdom of Armenia. Then in 1064, Seljuk Emperor Alpaslan conquered Eastern Anatolia and took it from the Byzantines. Today, Ani is on the Unesco World Heritage List. Ani ruins spread over a wide area with the Gate of Lions, Church of the Redeemer (St. Prkitch), Stone Bridge, Seljuk Palace, Church of Saint Gregory of Tigran Hornets, and the Inner Fortress. Next, we’ll see historical artifacts such as Menüçehr Mosque, Ani Cathedral, Monastery of the Hripsimian Virgins, and Cathedral of Kars, also known as the Holy Apostles Church.
After our visits, we’ll head to Kars city center. Here, we recommend you to try Kars specialties such as goose meat, honey, Kars cheese, Kars gruyere cheese, yellowfish, Hengel, kit, which you can also buy as souvenirs. In Kars, you’ll also realize buildings featuring Russian architecture and that the city’s climate and geography are similar to that of Russian cities.
Dinner and accommodation at Kars .  ( Breakfast – Dinner )

Today, we will continue our tour with a trip to the South. On the way, we will enjoy the beautiful geography of Eastern Anatolia and see the ruins left by ancient civilizations, which offer a glimpse into their way of life. We will arrive in Doğubayazıt via Iğdır city. We’ll give a lunch break and visit the famous Ishak Pasha Palace. It is said that the construction of the 116-room palace took 99 years. After we tour this magnificent palace overlooking Mount Ararat, we will depart for Van bypassing the Tendürek Mountain accompanied by beautiful views.
At the end of a 7- hour bus journey, we’ll arrive at Van, one of the largest cities in Eastern Turkey located on the shores of Lake Van, Turkey's largest lake (3,713 square km).
Dinner and accommodation in Van.    ( Breakfast – Dinner )

We start today's tour in Van Castle, known as Tuspa Castle in the olden days. The castle, which overlooks Lake Van, was built by the Urartu King Sarduri 2800 years ago. It became the capital of the Urartu Kingdom with the name Tuspa. Inside the castle, there are also rock tombs belonging to the Urartu Kings. Next, we’ll visit the Akdamar Church located on the Akdamar Island in Lake Van, which was built with magnificent stonework and later restored by the Turkish government. We’ll reach the island on boats from the pier in the Edremit district and enjoy the wonderful lake and mountain scenery. We’ll continue on our way to Diyarbakır.
Arrival and accommodation in Diyarbakır.  ( Breakfast – Dinner )

After breakfast, we will visit the Diyarbakır Castle and Fortress, city walls, and the Ulu Mosque. lunch in a traditional restaurant. 
Upon our arrival to Mardin, we’ll start our tour of Old Mardin from the Kasımiye Madrasah (Mosque Kebir), which has a rich cultural mosaic with its architectural structure that gives a mystical Muslim, Syriac, Turkish, Arabian atmosphere to the city, bringing together different religions and languages, the Ulu Mosque and the Minaret, Şehidiye Madrasa and Old Post Office Building. After our visits, we will have free time in Mardin and have lunch with traditional dishes in a local restaurant. Shopping, local products, natural soaps (Sabuncu Mehmet), nuts, and Mardin-specialities like almond candies, dried fruits, sweets, rosary, and similar handmade accessories and souvenirs.
Dinner and accommodation in Mardin.   ( Breakfast – Dinner )

After breakfast, we will depart early from Mardin for Mount Nemrut where the tumulus of the Commagene King Antiochus Antiochus I and huge head statues are located. This place will be one of the highlights of the entire trip.

With the narration of our guide, we will admire the history of the region. We will see the Karakuş Tumulus and Cendere Bridge on the way to the top by minibus (Big buses and minibusses are not allowed to go up the hill.) After some climbing, we will see the Zeus, Apollon, Heracles, Antiochhos, Commagene, Eagle, and Lion sculptures on the eastern terrace of the Nemrut summit. The tumulus of the Commagene King Antiochus Antiochus I is at the top. We will see the altars and sculptures on the western terrace as well. It is impossible not to be impressed by the magnificent view and the beauty of the colossal statues at the top of Mount Nemrut.

After this visit,  we will head for Sanliurfa (190 km) Arrival and overnight in Sanliurfa  ( Breakfast – Dinner )

After breakfast in our hotel, we’ll start our tour of Urfa, also known as the City of the Prophets. Here, we’ll see the Halil-Ür Rahman Mosque, Rızvaniye Mosque, Balıklıgöl ( Fish lake ) ,  Ayn-el Zeliha Lake, and the pit where the Prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire. The city of Prophets has very fertile lands with great plains, and it is one of Turkey's most important agricultural centers. After our visits, we will have free time for shopping at Bedesten and Gümrük Inn.
Next, we will admire the Urfa Archlologial Museum, where many historical artifacts from Anatolian civilizations are exhibited, and the Mosaic Museum.

Lunch at a local restaurant, sampling Urfa's famous kebab and local dishes.
Göbeklitepe, located in Taştepeliler district in Urfa. Visit Göbelitepe the oldest temple in the world with a history of 12.000 years. In the mysterious atmosphere of the temple, you will feel the mysticism in your bones. Göbeklitepe Temple is the oldest open-air temple in the world, dating back to the Stone Age, which started a new era in the history of world archeology, and even changed the world's human history. Then we return to Urfa.
Dinner and overnight in Sanliurfa. ( Breakfast – Dinner )

* Dinner is in the Sıra Gecesi musical program with traditional music, highly recommended.

Tour starts early drive to Halfeti dam.
Halfeti district is also known as the hidden paradise of the Southeast with its historical stone houses, black roses, and natural beauties. Next, we will visit the Savaşan Village, a large part of which is underwater, therefore called "the sunken city", on a boat.  During the Halfeti boat tour, we will see Rumkale, which is said to have reproduced the Gospel of St. Paul, the apostle of Jesus, from the boat, accompanied by a magnificent view. Architectural ruins in Rumkale have Late Roman and Medieval characteristics, and the Greek castle, which has the ruins of structures such as old water cisterns, St. Nerses Church, Barşavma Monastery, has a magnificent visual view.

We will see the Sunken Mosque, and have plenty of time to take photos of the scenery and have coffee by the dam lake. Afterward, we will drive to  Gaziantep.
We take lunch with delicious local dishes of Gaziantep and the famous pistachio baklava.

Visit the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the second-largest mosaic museum in the world. Afterward, we will go for a shopping trip to Bakırcılar Bazaar, Almacı Bazaar, and Zincirli Bedesten.

End of the tour. Dinner and overnight stay in Gaziantep. (Breakfast – Dinner

Free time until your transfer to Gaziantep Airport for your domestic flight to Istanbul Airport where you can connect to your onward flight to your next destination. ( Breakfast )

Price includes

1 Person Free in Double share

Private Transfer Airport – Hotel – Airport

9 Nights Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast Daily

9 Dinners, - Mount Nemrut extra  transfer

Van Lake Boat trip visit Akdamar Church

Sira Gecesi in Urfa (Dinner with local life music)

Professional licensed tour guide English speaking and knows the area well

Private air-conditioned transportation, non-smoking, experienced driver

Highway - parking fee

Hotel VAT and city taxes

Price Excludes

All kinds of flight tickets

Travel Insurance, is highly recommended

Entrance Fees, as per the itinerary. (28–29 €)

Personal Expenses

Private Hotel spending

Meals other than specified

Beverages During the Lunch and Dinners

Tip for Guide and Driver

Cancellation Policy  

- For cancellations made 30 days before the tour, 100% refund. ( Except for the % 15 Service Charge, Flight ticket, mandatory expenses, and Bank Commission,)
- For cancellations made 29 - 15 days before the tour, 50% refund. (Except for the Bank Commission, and mandatory expenses )
- For cancellations made 14 – 11 days before the tour, 30% refund.
- No refunds will be made on reservations made 10 days before the tour. %100 Penalty is applied.

- Travel health insurance is mandatory.
- Sample hotels are confirmed on the booking date in case of availability. Otherwise,
  similar hotels are booked.  
- In the event of bad weather, time scarcity, traffic jams, and similar situations, the Guide may change the tour program. 
- The locations given in the itinerary can be changed with other places if they are closed.  
- During the tours, you will be walking approximately 2 km every day on uneven and cobblestone surfaces, inclines, and steps. 
- You must wear comfortable clothing, flat walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen in summer months, and raincoats, warm clothes, winter walking shoes, an umbrella, etc. in winter.  
- The order of the sites visited may change to avoid crowds.  
- You will need your passport at check-in for all domestic flights.
- Domestic flights are economy class. Luggage limit 15 Kg.

Trabzon (1)        : Hero's Hotel 4* (Holiday Inn)
Erzurum (1)       : Polat Palandöken Hotel 5*
Kars (1)              : Cheltikow Boutique Hotel
Van (1)               : Hilton Doubletree Hotel 5*
Diyarbakır (1)    : SW Business Hotel 4*
Mardin (1)         : Izala Boutique Hotel
Şanlıurfa (2)       : Nevali Hotel 5*
Gaziantep (1)     : Grand Hotel 5*

Note: Sample hotels are confirmed on the date of booking in case of availability. Otherwise, reservations are made in similar hotels.

Sümela Monastery
Ani Ruins
Ishak Pasha Palace
Van Lake
Tushpa Castle
Akdamar Church

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  • Tour Code : EN-103
  • Duration : 10 Days
  • Start : Trabzon
  • End : Gaziantep
  • Tour Season : All Year Around
  • Transfer : Vehicle
  • Distance : 2650 Km
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