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Gobeklitepe is the world's first temple and one of the most important archaeological discoveries ever. And the Göbeklitepe Temple, which changed the truth of the written history known until today, has turned all the known in the history of the world humanity upside down with its 12,000-year history.   
Gobeklitepe World Heritage site, and it is located 35 km away from Sanliurfa cityş  Questions about the Gobeklitepe Temple god are still unanswered.
Gobeklitepe provides essential data on religious belief in hunter-gatherer societies 12 centuries ago and enlightens us about the religion, religious symbols, technology, and sciences of the people of the time.
However who built Göbeklitepe Temple 12 thousand years ago and why? - Why was Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world, buried with soil and abandoned? It is still a mystery how the people of the primitive society, in the Paleolithic Age, 7,000 years ago, 12,000 years ago, were able to construct the Temple with 16 tons of rock megaliths on which animal, bird, and human symbols were engraved. Göbeklitepe Temple tour season is between 1 April and 31 November


Taş Tepeler ( Stone Hills ) is a collection of 12 protected areas near Şanlıurfa city,  consisting of Göbekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe, and ten other archaeological sites around them.
The beginning date of humanity was rediscovered in Taş Tepeler ( Stone Hills )

Taş Tepeler is a collection of archaeological excavation sites in Göbekli Tepe with Karahan Tepe, and its environs, near the city of Şanlıurfa, where 12 of the world's oldest temples are found, with a total of 10,000 -14,000 years old known.

The fertile lands of Southeastern Anatolia, where the first civilization of the world was founded, the Abrahamic religions mentioned in the Sumerian and Akkadian tablets flourished and developed, and many ancient civilizations established kingdoms as the starting point of everything in human history. The Mesopotamia region which has inspired many science fiction movies and documentaries, remains the center of many mysteries and secrets about the world and the Anunnaki, presenting new things every day from under the ground, like Göbeklitepe, the oldest known temple of the world, which changed the history as we knew it and was considered the zero point of human history.

In the excavations carried out on many hills in the Şanlıurfa Taş Tepeler region, there are settlements that will take the past of humanity back to earlier times. Archaeological studies are carried out in the areas of Karahantepe, Sayburç, Gürcütepe, Sefertepe, Cakmaktepe, and Yeni Mahalle Mound from these temples or ritual centers.
In addition, geomagnetic and geo-radar measurements have been made at Ayanlar Tepe, Yoghanburc Tepe, Kurt Tepe, Taslitepe, and Harbetsuvan Tepe, and archaeological excavations will begin as soon as possible.

The finds about the use of pots, pots, and tools, in which people turned shelters into dwellings 12 thousand years ago, and historical artifacts unearthed in Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe excavations are exhibited in the Haleplibahce Urfa Museum.

In the archaeological excavations in these settlements discovered in Taş Tepeler, it has been determined that people performed rituals or used them as temples 12 thousand years before.

The number of visitors is increasing every year with Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe tours in the Taş Tepeler region, which has become the most important archaeological site of Mesopotamia, where the world human history started from scratch, and Turkey Taş Tepeler tours.

Göbeklitepe and Karahantepe, located in the Taş Tepeler region, which has become the most crucial archaeological region of Mesopotamia, where the world human history started from scratch, are on the list of places to see in the world, and the number of visitors is increasing day by day.

 All this and more are waiting to be discovered and your polite visits to Tastepeler in Sanliurfa.

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