Tour Code : EN-028

Cappadocia Trekking Tour - 8 Days/7 Nights

Arrival to Nevşehir Airport or Kayseri Airport and transfer to Ihlara, Cappadocia. Check-in at our hotel. During dinner, you’ll have a brief meeting with your guide who will go through the tour program with the group and share additional information.
Dinner and overnight stay in Ihlara in Cappadocia. (Dinner)

After an early breakfast, we’ll start our hike from Ihlara to Belisırma village. In the spring and summer months, Ihlara Valley is full of wildflowers, and isolated little gardens abound with fruit trees and vegetable patches across the moon-like landscape of the remote valleys. Many of the frescos in the rock-cut churches here are in excellent condition. We will have lunch in a local restaurant and the afternoon, continue on our way towards Selime village located at the tip of the Ihlara Valley. This canyon was created by the fracturing and collapsing cooling lava and basalt that came from Mount Hasan, which is an inactive volcano.
End of the tour and return to our hotel. Overnight stay in Ihlara in Cappadocia. ( Breakfast – Lunch Dinner )

*  Starting altitude in Ihlara is approx. 1250 m 
*  Highest point is approx. 1250 m 
*  Ending altitude is approx. 1150 m 
* Type of terrain: Well beaten trail with occasional ups and downs 
* Walking time: 5 hours, around 13-15 km

After breakfast, we’ll depart for Göreme. Here, we’ll visit Kaymaklı Underground City, built and carved by the Early Christians in the underground for protection from raids, where they could continue their daily lives underground. Next, we’ll visit the Göreme Open Air Museum, which is home to a large monastery carved into the rocks and dozens of churches and chapels like the Dark Church, Apple Church, Serpentine Church, and Saint Barbara Church.

We’ll have lunch in a local restaurant and start our hike through the Zemi Valley. We’ll walk through local farming areas along a beautiful stream. The path is mostly downhill and the walking distance is 5-6 km, which will take around 3 hours. 
At the end of the tour, we’ll return to our hotel. In the evening, you may have a Turkish bath and enjoy a relaxing massage.
Dinner and overnight stay in Cappadocia.  ( Breakfast – Lunch Dinner )

* Starting altitude in Zemi Valley is approx. 1200 m 
* Highest point is approx. 1200 m
* Ending altitude is approx. 1050 m
* Type of terrain: Well beaten trail with occasional wetlands
* Walking time: 2.5-3 hours, around 6-8 km

After breakfast, we’ll start our journey through the Akvadi (White Valley) shaped by rain and wind so perfectly that it looks like you are walking on clouds. We’ll be following along a seasonal river and see many strange curious rock formations and fairy chimneys on the way. If we are lucky, we can also see some wild birds like hoopoes and some wild animals like foxes. We’ll be arriving in Uçhisar Village after 3 hours, where we’ll have lunch in a local restaurant. Uçhisar Castle is settled on a high hill here. We’ll walk up to the castle to enjoy the panoramic views of all Cappadocia. The lunch will be served at the restaurant House of Memories. In the afternoon, we’ll follow a path that leads to the Pigeon Valley. The pigeons here are considered holy as they are mentioned in the Quran and were loved by the Prophet Muhammad. Local people of the region use the pigeons’ droppings as fertilizer for their vineyards. At the end of the trail, we’ll arrive in Göreme town and return to our hotel.
Dinner and overnight stay in Cappadocia.  ( Breakfast – Lunch Dinner )

* Starting altitude in Akvadi (White Valley) is approx. 1050 m
* Highest point in Uçhisar Castle is approx. 1400 m
* Ending altitude in Göreme is approx. 1050 m
* Type of terrain: Well beaten trails, first up to Uçhisar Castle via Akvadi  (White Valley) and then down to Göreme via Pigeon Valley.
*  Walking time: 5 hours, around 13-15 km 

After breakfast, we’ll have a short bus trip to Kavak and start our hike. Besides its beautiful landscape, this region is also famous for its vine thanks to the fertile volcanic soil. People here were involved in viticulture since the Hittites, but it was the exiled Christians who developed the vineyards. The winery continues as one of the most important agricultural products of Cappadocia. Other produce from these fertile soils include walnuts, mulberries, and a variety of fruits. Often the largest rock cones are used as warehouses for citrus and other fresh fruit.

We’ll have a picnic lunch on the way and continue on our hike through the Gomede Valley. At the end of the hike, we’ll arrive in Mustafapaşa Village and return to our hotel with beautiful memories of the magnificent views of Cappadocia and magical fairy chimneys.
Dinner and overnight stay in Cappadocia.  ( Breakfast – Lunch Dinner )

* Starting altitude in Kavak Valley is approx. 1100 m 
* Highest point in Bahçeli Village is approx. 1300 m
* Ending altitude in Mustafapaşa Village is approx. 1150 m
* Type of terrain: Rough farmland tracks and occasional well-beaten trails.
* Walking time: 4-5 hours, around 12-14 km

After breakfast, we’ll spend the morning hiking through the lesser-known Pancarlik Valley to admire its unusual rock formations. We’ll then continue to Kızılçukur Valley. Kızılçukur is probably the hottest valley in the region. Hidden among the fairy chimneys, we’ll visit a church that features frescoes depicting viticulture and fruit growing. The wine produced in this particular area is usually very sweet and heavy. At the end of our walk, we’ll reach the small village of Çavuşin which lies on top of a collapsed section of an early Christian cave city. This was caused by a huge rockslide which, together with earthquakes and natural erosion, caused a split in the plateau. The atrium of the church at Çavuşin has cascaded down, exposing some of the frescoes. Our tour will end here and we’ll return to our hotel.
Dinner and overnight stay in Cappadocia.  ( Breakfast – Lunch Dinner )

* Starting altitude in Pancarlık is approx. is 1200 m; in the Kızılçukur Valley, it is approx. 1100 m
* Highest point in the morning in Ortahisar is approx. 1250 m; In the afternoon in Kızılçukur Valley it is approx. 1200 m 
* Ending altitude in the morning Ortahisar is approx. 1250 m; In the afternoon in Kızılçukur Valley it is approx. 1100 m
* Walking time: 5 hours, around 12 km

Today, we’ll explore the area around Çavuşin. In the morning, we’ll have the opportunity to hike up to Mount Bozdağ for about 4 hours. We’ll be walking along footpaths accompanied by the magnificent views of the Bozdağ slopes and reach an altitude of 1400 meters, the highest point in Cappadocia.  After our morning hike, we’ll take lunch in a local restaurant.
End of the tour. Dinner and overnight stay in Cappadocia.   ( Breakfast – Lunch Dinner )

* Starting altitude in Çavuşin is approx. 1050 m 
* Highest point in Bozdağ is approx. 1300 m 
* Ending altitude in Kızılçukur Valley is approx. 1200 m 
* Walking time: 5 Hours, around 8-10 km

Free time until your transfer to the airport. Our tour concludes with your transfer to Nevsehir or Kayseri Airport.
Hope to see you on another Turkey tour. (Breakfast )

Price includes

Transfer Kayseri Airport –  Cappadocia Hotel – Kayseri Airport / 2 ways

Accommodation 2 nights in Ihlara + 5 nights in Cappadocia with daily breakfast

7 lunches - 7 dinners

Entrance fees, as per  the itinerary

Experienced and professional tour guide

Air conditioned, nonsmoking vehicle with experienced driver

All parking, highway, bridge fees

All tours in the program

VAT and city taxes

Price Excludes

Personal expenses

Beverages at lunch and dinners

Travel Insurance (highly recommended)

Meals other than specified

Hotel minibar and other expenses

Optional tours

Tips for the guide and driver (per person, per day 6 EURO<strong> </strong>(To be given in cash to the welcoming staff on the arrival day)

Cancellation Policy

- For cancellations made 30 days before the tour, 100% refund. ( Except for the % 15 Service Charge, Flight ticket, mandatory expenses, and Bank Commission)
- For cancellations made 29 - 15 days before the tour, 50% refund. (Except for the Bank Commission, and mandatory expenses )
- For cancellations made 14 – 11 days before the tour, 30% refund.
- No refunds will be made on reservations made 10 days before the tour. %100 Penalty is applied.

- Travel health insurance is mandatory.
- Sample hotels are confirmed on the date of booking in case of availability. Otherwise,
  similar hotels are booked.  
- In the event of bad weather, time scarcity, traffic jams, and similar situations, the Guide may make changes to the tour program. 
- The locations given in the itinerary can be changed with other places if they are closed.  
- During the tours, you will be walking approximately 2 km every day on uneven and
   cobblestone surfaces, inclines, and steps. 
- You must wear comfortable clothing, flat walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. in summer months and raincoats, warm clothes, winter walking shoes, umbrella, etc. in winter.  
- The order of the sites visited may change to avoid crowds.  
- You will need your passport at check-in for all domestic flights.
- Domestic flights are economy class. Luggage limit 15 Kg.

Göreme : Ciner Hotel 3* or smilars

Cappadocia -
Explore this unique place of enchanting valleys, fairy chimneys, and cave dwellings
Ihlara - Walk along this narrow valley dotted with rock-cut churches and well-preserved Byzantine frescoes
Kaymaklı Underground City - Visit a historic city carved out as an underground haven for local inhabitants in turbulent times
Uçhisar - Climb the rock-cut castle and take in the views down over the region
Göreme - Enjoy seven nights in this small town at the heart of Cappadocia

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  • Tour Code : EN-028
  • Duration : 8 Days
  • Start : Cappadocia
  • End : Cappadocia
  • Tour Season : Apr. May. June. Sep. Oct.
  • Transfer : Vehicle & Walking
  • Distance : 260 Km.
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