Tour Code : EN-073

Cappadocia Tour - 4 Days/3 Nights

In the morning, arrive at Kayseri or Nevşehir Airport and transfer to the hotel.
The first stop is Visit Love Valley, a famous valley for hikers and photographers. You can marvel at its tall fairy chimneys and other rock formations here. 
Mustafapaşa Village is an old Greek town formerly known as Sinasos, where Orthodox Greeks and Turks lived together until 1924. Here, we will observe local life and the authentic stone houses built by Sinasos architects.
Lunch Break in a local restaurant.  Afterwards, we will visit the Keşlik Monastery. The frescoes inside the monastery will leave you fascinated. Keşlik Monastery, 15 km from Ürgüp, was carved into rocks during the Christian Era. It contains two churches dedicated to Archangel Michael and St. Stefanos, considered the first martyr in the Christian world, a holy spring, a dining hall, a linseed oil mill, a kitchen, a school, a meeting room, and a winery.
Overnight stay in Cappadocia.  ( Breakfast – Lunch )

Optional Events  in Cappadocia   
- Hot Air Balloon Tour: 04:30 – 09:00

* Balloon tour Prices are not fixed: 150 - 350 EURO. They vary depending on the season. When demand is high, prices increase; when demand is low, prices become cheaper. 
- Turkish Night
* Upon your request, we book an amazing Turkish night in the evening in a great music hall in a cave with traditional dance shows.

** Optional Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour will be added to the tour upon request. 04:30 am - 09:00 am. You must make a reservation with your guide or Turkish agency in advance. (Not included in the package)

We will start our tour after breakfast at 09:00 a.m. First, we will visit the Uçhisar Castle, situated on the highest hill of Cappadocia and shaped by flowing volcanic lavas. From the Uçhisar viewpoint, you can see the outstanding natural beauty of Pigeon Valley and the pigeons' nests carved into the rocks.
Goreme Open Air Museum is home to fantastic monasteries and chapels like the Dark Church ( Extra), Apple Church, Snake Church, and Saint Barbara Church. You will see the sceneries and figures from the Old and New Testament on well-preserved frescos from the iconoclastic period.  Afterwards, we will explore the Çavusin Village, one of the oldest Greek villages of this region, and visit Love Valley, a famous valley for hikers and photographers, to marvel at its tall fairy chimneys and other rock formations.
You will have lunch in Avanos town near River Kızılırmak. Here, we will see how world-famous pottery and ceramics are made. You can also join a pottery atelier, learn how to use traditional kick wheels and buy souvenirs.
Visit Pasabağı Valley. Some of the mushroom-shaped rock formations here are several meters high. For many years, fairy chimneys shaped by erosion were used as houses by various religious groups, also known as the Monks Valley. Next, we will visit Devrent Valley, also known as the Valley of Dreams, famous for its rock formations resembling different animal figures.
Visit traditional carpet weaving demonstrations in a carpet shop or local carpet cooperatives. 
Overnight stay in Cappadocia. ( Breakfast – Lunch  )

Today, we'll explore some of the most spectacular sights in southern Cappadocia: Kaymaklı underground city, Ihlara Valley, Belisirma Village, Selimiye Monastery, and Pigeon Valley. The tour starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp after breakfast.
Our first stop is to visit Kaymaklı Underground City, which is believed to be the oldest underground city in Cappadocia. It is estimated that people have been living inside houses built on the rocks since the Paleolithic Period. However, we know they were mainly used to protect against Roman, Persian, and Arab attacks and as storehouses. You will be amazed to see how people lived in these underground cities with endless narrow tunnels and stairs.

Ihlara Valley - an awe-inspiring canyon that stretches 10 km long and plunges 100 meters. This natural wonder was formed by volcanic activity and erosion by the Melendiz River, dating back hundreds of thousands of years. Ihlara Valley isn't just a geological spectacle; it's also a historical site that once housed a monastic community between the 4th and 13th centuries AD, with thousand dwellings, a hundred hidden cave churches decorated with frescoes, and houses.

After we've explored Ihlara Valley, we'll make our way to Belisirma Village, a charming Anatolian village, where we'll stop for lunch at a local restaurant by the Melendiz River. Next is the Selimiye Monastery, one of Cappadocia's largest and most captivating religious settlements. To round off the day, we'll head to Pigeon Valley to soak up the stunning panoramic views.
We have a shopping break for Cappadocia Souveneer for you and your friends on the way.
Overnight stay overnight in Cappadocia.  ( Breakfast – Lunch )

After check-out, you will have free time, depending on your flight time.
You can participate in one of the adventure activities, such as an ATV safari, horseback riding or a Jeep safari.  
Departure from the hotel to Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport transfer 3 hours before your flight time   ( Breakfast )

People Per person in
Single Room Extra Bed Children Fee
1 Pax 0.00 2496.00 0.00
2 Pax 1381.00 1628.00 1381.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
3 Pax 1151.00 1398.00 1151.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
4 Pax 977.00 1225.00 977.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
5 Pax 873.00 1121.00 873.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
6 Pax 824.00 1071.00 824.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
7-9 Pax 788.00 1036.00 788.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
10-14 Pax 702.00 950.00 702.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
15-19 Pax 673.00 920.00 673.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
20-24 Pax 649.00 897.00 649.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
25-29 Pax 637.00 885.00 637.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
30-40 Pax 625.00 873.00 625.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
People Per person in
Single Room Extra Bed Children Fee
1 Pax 0.00 2673.00 0.00
2 Pax 1558.00 1805.00 1558.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
3 Pax 1328.00 1575.00 1328.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
4 Pax 1154.00 1402.00 1154.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
5 Pax 1050.00 1298.00 1050.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
6 Pax 1001.00 1248.00 1001.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
7-9 Pax 965.00 1213.00 965.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
10-14 Pax 879.00 1127.00 879.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
15-19 Pax 850.00 1097.00 850.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
20-24 Pax 826.00 1074.00 826.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
25-29 Pax 814.00 1062.00 814.00
6 - 11
3 - 5
30-40 Pax 802.00 1050.00 802.00
6 - 11
3 - 5

Tour Type    : Private Tour
Price Policy : Price changes depending on people's number.
** Ask about price discount rates on particular dates.

Price includes

Private Transfers / Airport – Hotel – Airport (Kayseri or Nevşehir)

3-night hotel accommodation with breakfast

3 Full-Day Cappadocia Tours

2 lunches

Entrance fees as per the itinerary

Experienced and professional English tour guide.

Private air-conditioned and non-smoking vehicle.

VAT and City Tax

Price Excludes

Personal expenses

Beverages during lunch


Travel insurance (highly recommended)

Domestic Flight Ticket

Cappadocia Optional Tours
- Hot Air Balloon tour
- Turkish Night with Dinner
- Turkish Night with Dinner
- Whirling Dervishes (Per Person)
- Jeep-Safari for 2 Hours
- Hot Air Balloon Watching regular group
- Regular ATV Tour for 2 Hours (Sunset)
- Private ATV Tour for 2 Hours (Sunset)
- Regular Horseback Riding Tour for 1 Hour
- Regular Horseback Riding Tour for 2 Hours 
- Private Horseback Riding Tour for 1 Hour
- Private Horseback Riding Tour for 2 Hours

Cancellation Policy   
- For cancellations made 45 days before the tour, 100% refund. (Except per person 175 € for register, bank commission, and domestic flight ticket cost)
- For cancellations made 44 - 30 days before the tour, 50% refund. (Except for the Bank Commission)
- For cancellations made 29 - 20 days before the tour, 20 % refund.
- No refunds for reservations made 19 days before the tour. %100 Penalty is applied.

- Please note that travel health insurance is mandatory.
- Our team confirms the selected hotels' availability on the booking date. However, we will book similar hotels for your stay if they are unavailable.
- The guide may change the tour program due to bad weather, traffic jams, or similar situations.
- If any location in the itinerary is closed, we will arrange to visit other places.
During the tours, you will walk approximately 2 km daily on uneven and cobblestone surfaces, inclines, and steps.
- You should wear comfortable clothing, flat walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen during summer. Please bring a raincoat, warm clothes, winter walking shoes, an umbrella, etc. to stay comfortable in winter.
- When visiting religious places like churches, mosques, and cathedrals, it is recommended to wear plain clothing, including closed and long skirts
- The order of the sites visited may change to avoid crowds.
Please ensure that you carry your passport for all domestic flights. Domestic flights are economy class, and the luggage limit is 15 Kg.
- If Alsero Tours changes the itinerary or hotels, Alsero Tours will cover any incidental expenses.
-  Alsero Tours is not financially responsible for any extra tour and journey costs that may arise due to travel program changes or force majeure circumstances beyond our control, such as bad weather conditions, passenger health problems, earthquake, fire, roadblock, or flight cancellation.

HOTELS   /  PRIVATE Booking  ( 1 – 15 Pax )
Standard Package  Cave Hotels
Cappadocia  (2)      :  Dedeli Konak Cave
                                  Hermes Cave
                                  Acer Cave

Gold  Package Cave Hotels
Cappadocia  (2)      :  Utopia Cave Hotel
                                  Gamirasu Cave Hotel
                                  MDC Cave   
Note: Sample hotels are confirmed on the booking date if they are available. Otherwise, reservations are made in similar hotels.


Pigeon Valley
Uçhisar Castel
Göreme Open Air Museum
Paşabağg Valley
Devrent Valley
Cavusin Village
Kaymakli Underground City
Mustafapaşa Village
Şahinefendi Sobesos
Red Valley
Selimiye Monastery

Let us know your opinions about the tour, your opinions are very valuable to us.

Mrs. Mariella Azzopardi - Malta
12 September 2023

I visited Cappadocia with my friends and it was an incredible experience mainly the hot air balloon. It was breathtaking watching hundreds of other hot air balloons in the sky against a sunrise setting. Our guide Dilek was superb. She is quite knowledgeable on the region's history and she went out of her way to make sure that we were having fun. 5 stars

12 September 2023

Travelled to Istanbul and Cappadocia with my friends and it was an experience which we will remember for a long time. The hot air balloon experience was a breathtaking one.... really incredible. Our quide Dilek was superb and she is very knowledgeable about the history of the region. 5 stars

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Tour Code
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Cappadocia Tour - 4 Days/3 Nights
Departure Point
Nevşehir or Kayseri
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Number of Rooms

Cappadocia Tour Package 4 days


The 4-day Cappadocia Private Tour package is ideal timing for a comprehensive and comfortable Cappadocia trip.
Discover Cappadocia in four days. Wander around the magical world of fairy chimneys, enjoy endless views of the valleys and the romantic beauty of the sunset, and experience the excitement of the balloon tour and the privilege of staying in Cappadocia Cave hotels. Direct flights from Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, and Istanbul to Kayseri Airport or Nevşehir Airport make transportation accessible for Cappadocia travellers.
A unique and exciting holiday is experienced with different activities, magnificent nature views, and interesting Cappadocia Cave hotels. Booking the Cappadocia Tour package offered by Alsero Travel Agency to visit the superb Cappadocia region provides an excellent way to easily book the trip of your life.  Cappadocia Tour packages have recently become world travellers' most preferred tour programs. 
The Cappadocia holiday is not a dream for you because there are many alternatives to reach there. For example, the Cappadocia tour packages from Istanbul Cappadocia Tour 5 days, Cappadocia Tour from Ankara 4 days, Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul, and Cappadocia Tour from Antalya are options for travellers.


  • Tour Code : EN-073
  • Duration : 4 Days
  • Start : Nevşehir or Kayseri
  • End : Cappadocia
  • Tour Season : All year round
  • Transfer : Vehicle
  • Distance : 340 Km
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