Black Sea Turkey Tour

Black Sea Turkey Tour  discover the green world

Black Sea Turkey Tour

Black Sea Turkey Tour  

Black Sea Turkey tour routes allow you to discover the most natural and wild beauties of the Black Sea and its rich history, friendly people, and traditional Horon dance.
Turkey's Black Sea coast is approximately 1500 km long. The western Black Sea region consists of relatively flat plateaus and plains, while the central Black Sea and Eastern Black Sea regions of Turkey have rough terrain, deep valleys, high plateaus, and lush forested areas with high mountains that lay mostly parallel to the sea. The region is very forested thanks to its rainy climate. Black Sea tours from Istanbul will appeal to anyone, offering magnificent views, an unspoiled nature, friendly people, and rich culture.  
Black Sea Turkey cities highlight the most popular and authentic areas of Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Gümüshane, and Artvin regions.
The Cimmerian Queen Hippolyta and her tribe of Amazonian warriors are said to have lived in Terme, Samsun, and the seaside chapel at Cape Jason is known as the crossing point of Jason and the Argonauts.
Our Black Sea tour program is very suitable for the Black Sea region because there are flights to Istanbul every day at the airports of Black Sea cities. In addition, there are international organizations from the airspace of Trabzon. There is an excellent highway from Istanbul to Artvin, enjoy a pleasant Black Sea journey between the Green Forests and the Blue Sea.

Turkish Black Sea Coast Tours   

Turkish Black Sea coast tours, provide with over 28 years of experience, by Alsero Tours at affordable prices. With Alsero Tours, you can explore Turkey’s greenest coastline with mountains rising to 4000 meters, rafting rivers, and secluded plateaus.
On our Black Sea Region tours, you will discover the vast green tea gardens on the mountain slopes of Rize, how traditional hand-woven Rize cloth is made, visit Mavi Göl (Blue Lagoon) with its turquoise-colored waters in Giresun, where the world’s most delicious hazelnuts are grown, and the Sinop fjord also known as Hamsilos Bay.

Turkey Black Sea Tourist Attractions

The popular attractions to visit Black Sea Turkey Resorts highlights are; Blue Lagune Hamsilos Bay, Firtina Deresi, Karagöl, Palovit Selalesi, Ayder Yaylası, Sümela Monastery, Karaca Cave, Çoruh River rafting, ziplining and more
Explore Sümela Monastery, which was founded 1600 years ago on steep 300-meter-high cliffs in the Altındere Valley, by watching a fascinating wild landscape. Uzungöl, located at an altitude of 1200 meters in the Kaçkar Mountains, famous for its forests containing all shades of green, is a natural beauty worth seeing. This region is also home to the world’s oldest forests in the temperate climate zone. 59 mammals such as brown bear, roe deer, wolf, wild boar, fox, lynx, badger, wild goat, and 250 bird species live in Uzungöl Special Environmental Protection Area. During your trip here, you will have the chance to see these animals in the wild.
On our Black Sea Coast tours, you can also do adrenaline sports, including over fast-flowing streams, highland trekking tours on different track levels, and rafting in Fırtına Valley or Çoruh River.
Also, you can try the Horon dance accompanied by the local musical instrument Kemençe, enjoy the local delicacies, and experience the joy of discovering the Black Sea with a well-planned, relaxing tour.


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