Alsero Tours 28 years of experience

Booking & Payment

Booking Steps

STEP 1 :
Choose tour & Submit request online
Please check the tour schedules on our website, covering the most popular destinations in every region of Turkey, suitable for your holiday date and budget. When you choose the tour you want to join, fill in the REQUEST FORM and send it to us. You are kindly requested to fill in all the blanks in the form; otherwise the form will not work.
*Note: Read Terms and Conditions / 4- Payment Policy /  it will help you with your reservation procedure.

STEP  2:
Receive proposal and quatation of tour
Our tour manager carefully examines your needs and responds to your requests. After you have made your final decision on the hotel category, tour package and price, the RESERVATION FORM is filled out separately for each participant and sent to us by e-mail ( ) or via the system.

Official registrations and reservation confirmation

The names on the reservation form received from you are recorded in the tour system and official transactions such as hotel and plane transfer are completed and registered as per the tour program. Thus, your travel reservation is secured. Your reservation is officially confirmed by Alsero Tours and sent to you with a proform invoice.

Confirm the booking and deposit payment

Your travel reservation is secured by paying 20% of the invoice amount as a deposit to the bank account number given to you by bank transfer.
The deposit amount may vary. It could possibly be higher or lower depending on the itinerary, category of travel and duration. Your personal travel advisor will adjust the amount accordingly.